Yesterday, Ustad was rushed into surgery and underwent a 4 hour operation as his intestine has stopped functioning and his liver is not working properly.


This would never have occurred if Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and Rajasthan authorities had abided by the NTCA and released Ustad.
This ailment is caused by INCORRECT care at the zoo in which he has been held captive after being falsely accused of killing.
Cee4life has again urged the NTCA to stand up to the bullying of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan authorites, Hoteliers, and the fake conservationists that surrounded the illegal capture of Ustad, and get him out of this hellish zoo right now.
Ustad now faces death because of the corruption and lies of that were created to put him in captivity.
This lovely Tiger is currently in a recovery section of this very poor zoo and enduring the best he can. 
This entire situation with Ustad, a once incredibly healthy wild Tiger, has been caused by stupidity, greed, shameful ego maniacs who are hopelessly unethical, and corrupt.
We continue to urge NTCA to move on Ustad NOW before his health deteriorates any further.
Stay strong boy xo you are so very loved, and so many are trying so hard to protect you.


No to Other Masters/Gurus in Sikhism

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Many people seems that they need Other Masters/Gurus who can help us to reach liberation/mukti. These people have experienced God and by following them, one may experience God, too. These people may be Sikhs (sants) or from other religions. Is this true? If so, are we as Sikhs allowed to follow these people?

(i) The key part of the question is : “Are we, as Sikhs, allowed to follow these people?”The answer is a firm “NO”. A Sikh is a person who believes in the Guruship of the Guru Granth and Guru Panth. He/she is admitted to the Panth only by Panj Pyaras and they alone are entitled to administer Nam Amrit to the Sikhs. A Sikh is not to get Nam from any individual who claims to be a guru, a Sant or a Brahmgiani (He who has experienced God), not even from any one Amritdhari Sikh. In 1699…

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Are Sikhs Hindus?

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Question: Are Sikhs Hindus? – 10 Ways Sikhism Differs From Hinduism

Attempts by radical Hindu groups to consign Sikhs to their caste system have made them a potential political target in India sometimes resulting in violence. Many Sikh immigrants are from North India where the national language is Hindi, the native name for the country Hindustan and the national religion is Hinduism. Although Sikhs with turbans and beards have a distinct appearance, people in Western countries who come in contact with Sikhs from India may assume that they are Hindus.

Are Sikhs Hindus?


No. Sikhs are not Hindus. Sikhism rejects many aspects of Hinduism.

Sikhism is a distinct religion having a unique scripture, principles, code of conduct guidelines, intiation ceremony and appearance developed over three centuries by ten gurus, or spiritual masters.

10 Ways Sikhism Differs From Hinduism

1. Origin:

  • Sikhism originated in Punjab, in what is…

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Should We Need To Hire Professional Photographer

I am a professional photographer, I am discussing here today, why we should need to hire a Pro Photographer.

No doubt, due to the growing advancement of technology. Everybody now has a smart phone with a camera in their pocket. And some of the newer models are taking good photos. Thanks to digital, versus film, you can take 1000’s of photos,there will be at least one that might look like a magazine cover print. But let’s face it, taking photos of your homemade food or your new nike shoes is not the typical reason you’d hire a photographer.

What are the main reasons?


Your Business Products: If you’re a business with a new product, how are you going to compete with the market? You’ll need a professional photographer at some point to reach that next level in your marketing and sales. Especially when many businesses make most of their profits online, it’s best not to let a meagre effort to represent your product. If you’re an entertainer or market yourself in any way as a brand, only a professional photographer can really deliver the quality to exceed or match your competition. This includes headshots, business portfolios, politicians, and even homemade blogs. Just because you can make an online business from home, that doesn’t mean it should look like it. Everyone’s business model should include at least one professional photoshoot in their expenses. Too many small businesses forget to do this and end up trying to hire a photographer with the change in their pockets, when their profits aren’t where they hoped they’d be. Don’t mess around with your business, hire a professional photographer.

Unless we are talking about wedding photographers, or portrait photographers who photograph our kids for school, most folks just never have a need for a commercial photographer.

Commercial photographers usually deal with other businesses, a B2B approach that makes Graphic Designers, Ad Agencies, Magazines and Corporate Communications their main points of contact for work. Those entities are usually working on behalf of another company that is needing photography to promote their business, product, service or craft.


Every product has challenges to making it look great. Every service has challenges in bringing that service to a photograph. Professional commercial photographers are uniquely prepared to meet those challenges and provide solutions that make images that work for you. Most commercial photographers consider themselves problem solvers first… and that is good for you.

Don’t look for “your photograph” in their portfolios
Photographers always have portfolios of images they have taken for someone else. Those images solved that client’s problems, and provided the unique visual solution that had been worked out with that with them. Your needs and challenges will most likely be different than theirs, and the photographer will work with you to find the best solutions to your unique visual challenges.

Most professional photographers are decent, honest people and want to work with you. They can take your budget and find the best way to get what you need done. If your budget will not be enough for a studio rental, they will find a way to shoot it on location. If you only have a specific amount of money to spend on the photography, most photographers will find a way to make sure you get the absolute best work possible. And for sure, different photographers have different ways of getting things done.


Good photography sells more product. It makes your service look better. It takes your business and shows it in the best light (no pun… seriously). Look at the premium brands for the truth. They spend tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on their imagery. Why? Because they KNOW it works. In side by side comparisons, consumers and purchasers choose brands with great photography over products with bad, boring or mediocre imagery.In short… better photography sells more stuff to the clients you want to serve.

Hiring a professional photographer should not be difficult or cause angst or pain. It is an important business decision, and should be considered with deliberate thoughtfulness. Choosing the wrong photographer, or making visual decisions that are not in keeping with your brand and the goals of your business can have long reaching consequences. Choosing the right photographer can bring more to the bottom line of your business than you even imagined.

Choose… wisely.

NOTE: this post was inspired by this excellent post by Mike Montiero of Mule Design. He was discussing hiring a designer and I, being a designer as well, realized that many of those thoughts transfer to hiring a professional photographer. Great post, Mike.
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