Yesterday, Ustad was rushed into surgery and underwent a 4 hour operation as his intestine has stopped functioning and his liver is not working properly.


This would never have occurred if Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and Rajasthan authorities had abided by the NTCA and released Ustad.
This ailment is caused by INCORRECT care at the zoo in which he has been held captive after being falsely accused of killing.
Cee4life has again urged the NTCA to stand up to the bullying of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan authorites, Hoteliers, and the fake conservationists that surrounded the illegal capture of Ustad, and get him out of this hellish zoo right now.
Ustad now faces death because of the corruption and lies of that were created to put him in captivity.
This lovely Tiger is currently in a recovery section of this very poor zoo and enduring the best he can. 
This entire situation with Ustad, a once incredibly healthy wild Tiger, has been caused by stupidity, greed, shameful ego maniacs who are hopelessly unethical, and corrupt.
We continue to urge NTCA to move on Ustad NOW before his health deteriorates any further.
Stay strong boy xo you are so very loved, and so many are trying so hard to protect you.



Photo by Manjot Singh
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